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Dr Vinod Singh

Dr Vinod Singh – Doctor

I moved into General Practice ten years ago after six years in hospital medicine (of which three were in women’s health). I thoroughly enjoy the variety and challenge of working in the community. I have a particular interest in children’s health, musculoskeletal medicine and travel medicine. While I like to look after patients’ individual needs, I also enjoy catering for the needs of the Whanau. Having an Indian ethnic and cultural background and speaking three languages, I find I can quickly establish rapport with diverse cultural and ethnic groups. This helps me relate general practice to their needs.

We make a good team at HillMed Health and I am very happy to be part of it.

"Kind, compassionate and good humoured, Vinod is a natural healer whose quiet, reassuring manner and warm personality is appreciated by patients and staff alike." - David Lovell-Smith