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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a patient?

You can visit the Health Centre casually or you can enrol as a permanent patient. We can help you choose a doctor. Make an appointment and we can complete any paperwork if you decide to enrol.

Do I always have to see the same doctor?

We encourage people to get to know one doctor but for convenience you are welcome to see any of the doctors who are available.

Can a doctor come and see me at home?

Yes, it is possible for a doctor to see you at home, but only if necessary and if you live in the immediate area. We visit the elderly and frail, or if you are severely unwell and cannot make it to the surgery. We cannot always visit urgently.

Should I come to the medical centre if I think I might be infectious?

Please let us know by telephone if you think you might be infectious and we can arrange for you to be kept separate from other patients.

What if I have an accident?

Come to us for your minor to moderate injuries - we deal promptly with falls, twisted ankles, hurt backs, cuts, abrasions and minor fractures. You will likely not have to wait nearly as long as at the emergency department, and remember ACC covers most of the charge. We also have a falls prevention programme to help the older patient stay injury free.

What if I am pregnant?

Please make an appointment for a confirmation test. We will help you make arrangements after that.

What if I need contraception?

Contraceptive and sexual health advice is no cost to you if you are under 21. You do not need to be an enrolled patient to receive this service. Emergency contraception is also available.

Can I get my flu shot with you?

Yes. The best time to come is from April to June.

I think my child might have glue ear. What can I do?

Bring your child in for a screening tympanogram. If the tymp is OK then we can reassure you, otherwise the child might need referral.

If my problem is not a major one, can I just see the nurse?

Yes, nurse can follow up on your blood pressure, attend to dressings, show you how to use your inhaler, give you advice on diet, explain what your medicines do, give injections, take blood, answer questions, and lots more. If the problem is more serious she might recommend that you see one of the doctors.

What about physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is available on the premises. Telephone 0800 999737.

Where do I go if I get sick after hours?

We encourage you to use the excellent services at the 24 Hour Surgery at 401 Madras St. when we are unavailable. As members we participate in the roster there. The Moorhouse Medical Centre is also available up to 8.00 pm.

Do you do repeat prescriptions?

We do repeat prescriptions where appropriate and at the discretion of the doctor. Please give us 24 hours’ notice and please list the name, strength and dose of all medications required.

Where is the nearest pharmacy?

Right next door (ph: 338 8244). There are also pharmacies at 240 Barrington St (ph: 332 3779), in the Barrington Mall (ph: 337 5527) and at 120 Sparks Road (ph: 338 9345). For prescriptions after hours, the Urgent Pharmacy is on the corner of Bealey Avenue and Colombo Street (ph: 366 4439).

What if I want to give you feedback or if I have a complaint?

We welcome the opportunity to improve our service. If you feel dissatisfied or if you feel we could improve in some way then please let us know. A "Brickbats and Bouquets" box is available in the waiting room, or simply approach either Dr Allison, Dr Lovell- Smith or Dr Singh directly.

What do my lab test results mean?

If you wish to know more about what your lab test results mean, try It is important, however, that all laboratory test results are interpreted in full clinical context. Your GP is the best person to do this.

We look forward to being of assistance to you, and remember, we are only a phone call away. Call us on 338 8655.